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AOR MyBlueprint DNA Test Kit

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MyBlueprint DNA Test Kit AOR is a groundbreaking DNA test kit that helps you develop personalized nutrition, lifestyle, and supplementation regimen that is right for you based on your DNA. The future of your health and wellness depend on your genes! A Personalized Approach to Optimal Health Through Genetic Testing

Personalized nutrition with MyBlueprint

Nutrigenomics is the study of how nutrition and genes and how they interact. This study is transforming the understanding of many of the bodies processes, from food sensitivities to hormone health. With MyBlueprint DNA Test Kit report, you’ll find out personalized nutrition and lifestyle regimen that will give you the information you need to take your health to the next level. AOR has been leading the way with innovated products that bridge the gap between scientific research and your health.

What is MyBlueprint DNA Test Kit Report?

A DNA-based nutrition and lifestyle report identifying your unique variations, including those related to:

Diet: a break down how fats and carbs affect your risk of diseases, and obesity.

Sensitivities: find out about predispositions to food sensitivities and your ability to metabolize alcohol.

Specific Nutrient Needs: a customized diet and supplements plan based on your genetic needs.

Physical Fitness: Highlights your best exercise regimen and predisposition to injury.

Mental Wellness: Identifies genes that might affect cognition, stress, emotions, and substance addiction.

Detox: Discover how fast your body removes toxins and what you can do to help.

Obesity Risk: Reduce the risk of obesity through AOR’s analysis and prevention strategy.

Hormonal Health: Highlights genetic predispositions around thyroid, estrogen, and testosterone.

MyBlueprint. Your Health. Your DNA.

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