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Parthena Greek Mountain Oregano 50 gms

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Parthena’s Greek Mountain Oregano is naturally grown and hand picked from the mountains of the Peloponnese, Greece. Oregano is used in all your favourite culinary dishes to enhance the flavours of your creations. Check out all the great recipes on our website!

The Parthena Mountain Oregano is 100% pure & organically grown.  The mountains of the Peloponnese are very renowned for the oregano it produces! It is hand harvested in the mountains where everything grows naturally, and is without any refinement or milling processes. The mountain oregano grows wild and we have a family that picks by hand. Hand picking ensures only the flower from the plant is picked and eliminates any stems or dirt being mixed in. It is then dried and packaged for Parthena in our handy shaker with adjustable top. These spices are whole and raw and in its truest form as possible to Mother Nature.

Oregano has many extraordinary health benefits as well as being an essential spice in cooking, marinating and adding to dressings. Enjoy your new added culinary wonder! Add this great spice to steaks, chicken, salad dressings and so much more.

Parthena Greek Mountain Oregano 50 gms
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