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Pascoe Tussiflorin Thyme 100mL Oral Syrup

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  • HELPS TO RELIEVE COUGHS & SYMPTOMS OF BRONCHITIS & CATARRHS – Tussiflorin Thyme is a great-tasting herbal cough syrup proven effective to relieve coughs of all kinds. Made with pure thyme extract, Tussiflorin Thyme soothes a sore throat & relaxes bronchial muscles, facilitates the removal of mucus & phlegm, relieves coughs & other disturbances of the upper respiratory tract, has low alcohol & sugar content, & tastes great!
  • THYMUS VULGARIS – Thymus Vulgaris is a type of plant that has been used for generations to help our bodies fight off & kill infections. It is a great support for the immune system & contains essential oils that are effective against all kinds of infections such as bacteria, viruses, worms etc. It is also a spasmolytic helping to relax the muscles, anti-inflammatory & antitussive helping to relieve coughs making it an all around soothing herb for the body during any infection.
  • GREAT TASTING HERBAL ALTERNATIVE TO COUGH SYRUP – Tussiflorin is made with thyme that is extracted in a glycerol base to give it a sweet taste that people of all ages including children will enjoy. This glycerol base is sweetened with malitol syrup making it a low sugar & great tasting option for cough relief.
  • NON-DROWSY – Tussiflorin is a non-drowsy alternative to other cough syrups. It is an antimicrobial acting to fight off the invading pathogens as well as relaxing the muscles in the region the infection is taking place so the pathogen can be expelled from the body. It works on calming the body down through relaxing the muscles in the area instead of impacting the function of the nervous system causing sedation.
  • SUITABLE FOR AGES 1 & OLDER – Tussiflorin is a suitable cough syrup for 1 year & older when taken in the proper dosage. Tussiflorin is made with pure thyme plant extract in a glycerol base making it easy for children to ingest.

  • Medicinal IngredientsLIQUID EXTRACT FROM THYMUS VULGARIS (THYME) (DER 1:2-2.5).

    Non-Medicinal Ingredients

    InstructionsThe product should be taken with sufficient liquid (e.g. half a glass of water).

    Recommended DosageAdults & adolescents 12 years & over: 10 mL 3-4 times a day; Children (5-11 years): 5 mL 2-3 times a day; Children (1-4 years): 5 mL twice a day.

    Contraindications/CautionsConsult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist more than 1 week.Consult a health care practitioner if dyspnea;fever or purulent or sanguineous sputum occurs.Health risk exists among people with liver disease;alcoholics;epileptics;& people suffering from brain injury.Contains 9% (V/V) alcohol.
    • Expectorant to help relieve coughs, symptoms of bronchitis & catarrhs of the upper respiratory tract; made with Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme)
    Pascoe Tussiflorin Thyme 100mL Oral Syrup
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