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SD's TeaTM Lemon Mint

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SD's TeaTM is a blend of fruit, spices and herbal ingredients formulated to aid weight loss by stimulating regular bowel movements. For over a quarter century in Canada SD's TeaTM has been a safe and trusted ally to help people with occasional bouts of constipation.

A traditional Chinese formula this unique tea blend relies upon the stimulating effects of Senna leaf. Senna belongs to a large genus of flowering plants found throughout the tropics. Cassia angustifolio (Indian or Tinnevelly senna) in leaf and extract form are used to deliver a consistent and reliable laxative effect. The active components in senna extracts are anthraquinone derivatives and their glucosides, referred to as senna glycosides or sennosides. They are believed to irritate the wall of the colon to promote peristalsis and evacuation.


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