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UNDA Tissue Salt Magnesia Phosphorica 6X

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Magnesia phosphorica‚ which is also known as magnesium phosphate‚ has been used in traditional homeopathy to bind to ammonia gases released during digestion; it may then work to transport those gases out of the human body.

SCHUESSLER Magnesia Phosphorica 6X by Seroyal is a convenient source of magnesium phosphate tissue salts. In tissue salt form‚ this homeopathic supplement may help alleviate mild symptoms of sharp and shooting pain in the nerves and muscles. Furthermore‚ women may also experience decreased menstrual discomfort when taking SCHUESSLER Magnesia Phosphorica 6X.

By providing tissue salt #7‚ SCHUESSLER Magnesia Phosphorica 6X serves as a unique micro-dose of an essential mineral that can help support your cells. This homeopathic remedy may lessen minor discomfort associated with cramps or headaches; for example‚ it may work to ease symptoms of writer’s cramp‚ which can affect the fingers and hands.

Take five tablets three times a day and let them dissolve under your tongue. At the recommended dosage‚ each 100-tablet bottle of Seroyal’s SCHUESSLER Magnesia Phosphorica 6X should last for about six days.


Adults: Take five (5) tablets three (3) times daily.
Children: Take two (2) tablets three (3) times daily.
Or follow the recommendations of your health care practitioner.


Each tablet contains:

Magnesia Phosphorica 6X
(Magnesium Hydrogen Phosphate)

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