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    Although all of our locations offer exceptional customer service and are staffed by knowledgeable professionals our flagship store, Village Pharmacy in Port Credit, Ontario is an award winning full service compounding pharmacy in addition to being a nutrition store and one of the most comprehensive professional products dispensaries in the Greater Toronto Area. Our staff has over 40 years of experience as pharmacists and natural healers with a focus on continual education and learning. Rest assured that when you visit us your issues are taken seriously and treated on an individual basis.


    We offer Free On-Site Consultation, Integrative Therapy Advice, Homeopathy, and Iridology. For more information, please follow the links to the left.


    Available testing at Village Pharmacy includes:

    Fatty Acid Profile Test
    Vitamin D Blood Level Test
    Saliva Hormone Testing
    Hair Analysis
    Food Sensitivity Test
    Bone Density Testing
    Allergy Testing