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Druide Insect Repellent 250 ml

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Spray on any surface of the skin displayed to stinging insects: repeat as needed according to conditions. You will enjoy usually one hour to two hours protection according to climatic and personal conditions.Alternative suggestion: Apply DRUIDE organic Shea butter- Also for children or adults, in case of bite allergy or sensitivity, just apply a layer of butter of pure Shea to any displayed surfaces what will have the effect of preventing any insect from settling to speed up its venomous bite).Safe to use on most of known plastics. This product contains no extract of fish or peanut.Not recommended to children under 2 years (just as any essential oils based product).


  • Repel unwanted insects and safeguard your health with this easy to use product which can be sprayed directly on the skin and clothes.
  • Use with Citronella soap, shampoo and shower-gel for the best results.


 Squeeze a small amount onto the hand, and spread thin layer evenly to exposed skin -- avoiding eyes and mouth.


Coconut oil extracts (emollients and emulsifiers), Waxes, Citronella essential oil, essential oil of Tea Tree (melaleuca) and eucalyptus, sunflower seed oil, levulinic acid, triethanolamine.

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