18 Antiviral Remedies to Help You Survive Cold & Flu Season

Don’t let the flu ruin a couple of weeks of your winter this year. The 18 antiviral remedies on this list all have medicinal properties that can help you come out of this cold and flu season unscathed. 

#1 Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple cider vinegar gets its healing powers from the acetic acid, probiotics, and nutrients that are present. While apple cider vinegar is said to help alleviate a variety of conditions and certain ailments, you do not want to drink apple cider vinegar straight. There is a lot of acid in apple cider vinegar, which can cause various issues, as well as erode your tooth enamel. Taking a supplement would help to combat this problem. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

How Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help During Flu Season?

While apple cider vinegar is not a catch-all miracle cure, it does have potential health benefits that make it one of the best antiviral remedies for flu season. It has also been used for centuries to preserve food. However, it is now more well known as a natural home remedy.

Vinegar is known to help kill bacteria, as it is used to help with disinfecting. While it can be used as a cleaner, vinegar also aids in the removal of lice and warts. Vinegar is also used for preserving food, as it keeps certain bacteria from growing.

#2 Echinacea 

Echinacea is considered a powerful healing plant, specifically when it’s roots and leaves are utilized. Three species of these plants can be used as healing herbal supplements. It has various anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antiviral properties, which makes it one of the best antiviral remedies. 

Antiviral remedies -  echinacea

How Can Echinacea Help During Flu Season?

Echinacea is one of the most highly sought-after herbal supplements and is commonly taken to help fight

colds. When taking echinacea, symptoms of the cold and flu may become suppressed as the immune system gets a boost. Echinacea can help to shorten how long you are experiencing symptoms and help you fight off the flu faster.

#3 Green Tea

Green tea is considered to be one of the healthiest teas a person can consume. This is because green tea contains a plethora of antioxidants and nutrients that are lost through the processing of other teas. 

Green Tea - Antiviral remedies

How Can Green Tea Help During Flu Season?

This tea contains polyphenols, which help to reduce inflammation. One of these polyphenols is catechin. These substances help in preventing cell damage and protecting your body against disease-causing free radicals. 

For natural antiviral remedies, try these green tea supplements:

#4 Elderberry

In natural healing medicine, elderberry is highly regarded for its natural healing properties. These Sambucus plants, which produce the berries, are found all around the world and the fruit is highly versatile. Elderberry can come in many different forms, such as syrups, teas, and supplements. 

Antiviral remedies - elderberry

How Can Elderberry Help During Flu Season?

Elderberries are packed full of antioxidants, which can provide a boost to your immune system. This makes elderberries one of the best antiviral remedies. Besides being a low-calorie food, elderberries are high in vitamin C, fiber, and are considered a good source for phenolic acid. The nutritional value will depend on the variety of the plant and the ripeness of the elderberries. 

#5 Astragalus 

Astragalus is an herb, which was used by traditional Chinese medicine as it has many potential health benefits. The root of this plant is considered to be the most beneficial, being made into teas and supplements. It is used to treat a variety of different conditions, including the flu and allergies. 

Antiviral remedies - astragalus

How Can Astragalus Help During Flu Season? 

Astragalus is known by the natural health community as an immune-boosting agent. In addition, it supports the respiratory, contains antioxidants and polysaccharides. Polysaccharides help with giving your immune system a boost. 

#6 Licorice

Licorice, specifically licorice root, has been utilized for its medicinal properties over the centuries. This extract became popular in traditional Chinese medicine. As well as being used as a sweetener, licorice contains acids that may prove to be beneficial. 

Antiviral remedies - licorice

How Can Licorice Help During Flu Season?

When someone is struggling with the flu, they are often dealing with unwanted respiratory issues. Licorice is said to help our body produce a good kind of mucus when it is taken as a supplement. This helps the respiratory system function more optimally. Licorice also contains glycyrrhizic acid, which boasts anti-inflammatory properties that can help to settle an upset stomach. This is what makes licorice one of the best antiviral remedies for natural healing. 

#7 St. John’s Wort

St. John’s wort is a flowering plant and the flowers are the most essential part. This part of the plant can be used to make teas and supplements. St. John’s wort is known in the natural health community to help provide some relief from depression and boost a person’s mood. 

Antiviral remedies - St. Johns Worth

How Can St. John’s Wort Help During Flu Season?

Experiencing the flu can lead to a decrease in mood and overall unwell feeling. While the benefits of St. John’s wort is still being uncovered, researchers are aware that the herb has ingredients that may help to increase levels of brain chemicals. These chemicals are responsible for mood. 

#8 Siberian Ginseng

Siberian ginseng is also known as eleuthero. This plant has immune-boosting properties and is a natural herbal remedy with origins in China. Siberian ginseng helps with increasing the function of the nervous system, while also acting as a stimulant.

Antiviral remedies - ginseng Siberien

How Can Siberian Ginseng Help During Flu Season?

Siberian ginseng is considered a stimulant, helping to boost energy levels. When overcome with the flu, a person can experience extreme fatigue as a symptom. 

#9 Goldenseal 

Goldenseal is sought after for its varied medicinal properties, making it one of the best antiviral remedies. This plant, with palm-shaped leaves, has decreased in the wild due to overharvesting. It is found to the east of the Mississippi River. This plant has medicinal properties that help the immune system, respiratory system, and cardiovascular system. 

Antiviral remedies - Goldendeal

How Can Goldenseal Help During Flu Season?

One specific chemical that is found in goldenseal may be the reason why it is effective at treating various symptoms. This chemical is known as berberine, which is an antidiabetic agent. Goldenseal features antibacterial qualities, as well as anti-infective properties, that would help to fight various symptoms associated with the flu. 

#10 Garlic

Although garlic is used to flavor foods while cooking, it is also prevalent throughout natural remedy history. Garlic has been utilized medicinally in certain countries for many centuries, as it contains antibiotic properties. 

Antiviral remedies - garlic

How Can Garlic Help During Flu Season?

A specific compound in garlic contains many antibiotics that help to fight intestinal infections. This compound is known as Diallyl sulfide. These antibiotic properties could help ease flu-like symptoms or shorten the length of time that someone is experiencing the flu. 

#11 Oil of Oregano

Oregano is an herb, most prominently used in Italian food. Oregano can also be concentrated down and used as an essential oil, due to containing many antioxidants that have proven health benefits. This oil comes from the leaves and shoots of the plant and is made by drying out the leaves to extract the oil. 

Antiviral remedies - Oil of Oregano

How Can Oil of Oregano Help During Flu Season?

This oil contains specific compounds, which have antioxidant properties. These compounds are phenols, terpenes, and terpenoids. They limit the growth of bacteria, support the immune system, and help protect against free radicals. 

#12 Olive Leaf

Olive leaves have many potential health benefits, which have been utilized by people in the Mediterranean regions for centuries. Studies have shown that the olive leaf and extract help to combat inflammation and lower your blood pressure.

Antiviral remedies - olive leaf 

How Can Olive Leaf Help During Flu Season?

The active ingredient in the olive leaf extract is known as oleuropein. Oleuropein provides anti-inflammatory

properties, as well as important antioxidants. It eliminates and protects your body against free radicals and helps to give your immune system a boost, which may help you to fight off your cold. This makes olive leaf extract one of the best antiviral remedies. 

#13 Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver contains microscopic pure silver flakes. This form of silver can be consumed orally. Colloidal silver may help with specific ailments and may contain antibacterial properties. However, colloidal silver can be found in various forms, such as supplements or ointments. 

Antiviral remedies - Colloidal Silver

How Can Colloidal Silver Help During Flu Season?

Colloidal silver has had limited testing to prove its effectiveness. However, there are still long-standing fans in the natural health community. Colloidal silver does appear to have antioxidants that may be effective in shortening the length of a cold, as well as anti-fungal properties. 

#14 Basil

Basil is an herb that is part of the mint family. While basil is primarily used in cooking, it also boasts several healing benefits. Basil helps with inflammation, as well as contains antibacterial properties. 

Antiviral remedies - Basil

How Can Basil Help During Flu Season?

There may be several different health benefits associated with basil that could help someone trying to fight off a cold or flu. Basil contains essential oils, as well as polyphenols, that could be beneficial in helping with inflammation and digestive issues. 

#15 Sage

When it comes to cooking, sage is a staple. However, it may also have health benefits in regards to being a natural cleaning agent. Sage is loaded with antioxidants and is high in many nutrients. 

Antiviral remedies - Sage

How Can Sage Help During Flu Season?

Sage contains important antioxidants that can help boost your body’s defense when it is experiencing

a cold or the flu, making it one of the best antiviral remedies. There are over 160 different polyphenols in sage. These can help to protect your body against free radicals and give your immune system a boost.

#16 Fennel

Fennel is an herb and plant that can be used medicinally. While fennel has many culinary uses, it also has a variety of different health benefits. This is because fennel may provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties due to containing powerful plant compounds. 

Antiviral remedies - Fennel

How Can Fennel Help During Flu Season?

Fennel is a good source of many vitamins and nutrients, while also being low in calories. One

of the main vitamins that fennel is known for is vitamin C. Vitamin C helps with our immune systems and aids in repairing tissues. This vitamin also helps to protect our bodies from free radicals. The powerful compounds in fennel also provide our bodies with anti-inflammatory agents. 

#17 Reishi Mushroom

In Eastern medicine, reishi mushroom is a popular choice due to its potential health benefits. This type of mushroom grows in hot and humid climates, which can be found in Asia. While health benefits relating to these mushrooms are still being explored, it does contain molecules that are thought to be the reason for all the health benefits. 

Antiviral remedies - reishi mushroom

How Can Reishi Mushroom Help During Flu Season?

The reishi mushroom may affect our white blood cells. White blood cells are critical components of our immune system. The reishi mushroom has been known to contain immune system boosting properties, particularly in those who are already ill. 

#18 Antiviral Drugs

Antiviral drugs are considered prescription medications that are not available over the counter. These drugs are prescribed to help treat the flu. These medications could be in pill or liquid form, as well as an intravenous solution. They are provided to you by your primary doctor. These types of drugs will normally be prescribed to patients within two days of developing an illness, as this is when they may be most effective at treating your illness. 

How to Use Natural Antiviral Remedies 

Viral infections have been at the forefront of human diseases and critical outbreaks. Although there has been significant progress in immunization and prescription medication development, public health is not safeguarded fully. Herbal medicines, as well as natural products, may lead to advanced discoveries to help technology further safeguard public health. 

If you are looking for natural antiviral remedies, try these supplements:

Natural antiviral remedies may help to treat viral infections naturally, through the use of herbs and plants. These immune-boosting components can be infused into tea or taken as an herbal supplement. These supplements may allow someone to treat flu and cold symptoms naturally. 


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