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Vitamin D versus COVID-19

Does Vitamin D help reduce the risk of catching the Corona Virus?

Studies have shown that people with vitamin D deficiency are 1.5% more likely to test positive while those with suggested levels and exposure to sunlight are less susceptive.  While low levels are associated with greater risk of catching the virus, they do not suggest it as a cause of greater risk.

A study from Cordoba Spain indicates the nutrient may help treat the virus. The study focused on Calcifediol, a derivative of Vitamin D that easily absorbs through the gut. The first group (50 patients) that received the mineral had 2 intensive care patients that recovered. The second group (26 patients) that did not receive the mineral but had received the same care as the other group had 13 intensive care patients with 2 deaths. Conditions such as hypertension and diabetes are also linked to Vitamin D deficiencies. These risk factors, as well as a host of others that include race, geographical location and economic stability are associated with increased contraction of the virus.

Vitamin D deficiency leads to lowered overall immunity increasing the risk of developing or contracting other diseases and viruses. While the deficiency is associated with contraction of the coronavirus and other diseases, it is not the cause. Most diets do not contain enough Vitamin D levels to avoid deficiency even if you live seaside or regularly eat oily fish. Surprisingly, our primary natural source of Vitamin D is the sun. Also known as the sunshine vitamin, It is synthesized through our skin via ultra-violet light with a wavelength between 290-310 nanometers.

Unfortunately for us Canadians, that wavelength does not penetrate the upper atmosphere in northern latitudes during the winter months. Our Pharmacists suggest 2000IU (or anywhere between 1000IU and 4000IU as prescribed by your practitioner) daily intake of Vitamin D.


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