Why we feel sad in Winters ?
Why do we get more depressed or stressed in the late fall and winter?
As fall progresses into winter the amount of daylight we get becomes smaller and we stay awake through longer periods of darkness as the sun rises late and sets early.
Darkness is perceived by the body as a factor that causes stress and results in more output of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that regulates the response to stress and its levels change in the same fashion every day.

Throughout the night cortisol levels rise in response to increased stress from darkness and dwindling food (glycogen) stored in the liverCortisol levels pick up upon waking and fall sharply thereafter.

Due to prolonged periods of darkness, in the winter cortisol levels rise slightly. Cortisol is suppressive in nature. It suppresses many healthy functions including mood. Therefore, higher cortisol levels are associated with heightened feelings of stress, depression and anxiety. In fact, cortisol levels are more predictive of mood than levels of serotonin hormone (the supposed “happy” hormone).

Elevated levels of cortisol also suppress immunity (one of the reasons we experience more colds and flu in the fall and winter), as well as other functions, including digestion, repair and regeneration of cells and more.

What can you do about winter time (or general) blues?

Try Rhoziva, a Canadian supplement consisting of a key plant known as Rhodiolarosea. Most users of Rhoziva notice an improvement within 1-6 days.  Rhodiola, a plant that grows in the subarctic, contains compounds that not only help the plant survive the harsh winter-time subarctic environment but also help humans. It lowers elevated cortisol, alleviates stress and anxiety and improves mood.  Our Canadian farmers work hard to ensure a high-quality medicinal plant and it gets harvested when it matures after five years of cultivation. Rhoziva is dependable and effective. Buy Now

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Written by Dr. Elie Klein (Naturopathic Doctor)


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