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Camu Camu C++ Berry Powder 120 Capsules

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Camu Camu C++ Berry Powder 120 Capsules Camu Camu Powder 30 :1 Powder is made from select berries harvested wild...
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Camu Camu C++ Berry Powder 120 Capsules

Camu Camu Powder 30 :1 Powder is made from select berries harvested wild while still green; when its nutrients are at a peak. Pulp and skin are carefully separated and both parts are then processed separately to get the most out of the fruit. Seeds are not used as there are elements that may affect the product’s taste, texture and benefits. Our product is made with an exclusive cold drying process in a 30:1 ratio of concentration and protected from direct light to provide the highest grade natural Vitamin C possible.

Camu Camu is a fruit similar to a berry or a grape, with a size comparable to that of a cherry, with light bright-green and dark matte-red colour. It has a very hard and thick skin and inside, a juicy sour and astringent pulp. The fruit is produced by a small shrub found throughout the Amazon rain forest of Peru and grows wild in swampy flooded areas in the shore line of the Amazon River and effluents. Its name comes from an old and extinct language that influenced the aboriginal people of the Amazon of Peru ... the name has a meaning on its own. In the aboriginal Amazonian language the word camu means lots of water, so camu camu means twice as much water, a name used to describe best the way this plant grows, underwater! Camu Camu is the highest vitamin C fruit in the world; just the fresh fruit contains 50 times the vitamin C content of an orange, and is loaded with different elements like ascorbic acid, flavonoids (or bio- flavonoids), flavonols, flavanols, minerals and many other important substances. This product contains over 100% of the recommended daily dosage of vitamin C in 5 grams!
Camu Camu C++ Berry Powder 120 Capsules
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