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CND Moringa 120caps

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Moringa, also known as "drumstick tree," is a fast-growing tree, which is native
to the Himalayan Mountains in northwestern India. The moringa tree grows best
in dry soil and is draught tolerant. It grows well even in soil of poor quality, such
as in sandy soils of the coastal areas. Due to its superior cultivating quality and
nutrient-rich edible parts, the moringa is researched and actively cultivated by
several NGOs for the purpose of reducing poverty and malnutrition in developing

Dosage: Take 1-2 capsules / 2 times daily


Vitamin A as beta-carotene Carrot X 2
Calcium Milk X 14
Potassium Banana X 4
Protein Yogurt X 2
Vitamin C Orange X 7
Iron Spinach X 9
Fiber Oats X 4
* Gram per gram comparison, common foods vs. Moringa oleifera leaves
(Dried, powdered)

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