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CALL TO ORDER ONLY-Cyto Matrix Provitalex Pure Whey

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Dear Customers,

Due to the company request, we are currently not selling Cyto Matrix products on our website. However, all the products are still available at all of our store locations.

For product inquiries & to place an order, kindly email us your request at or call Port Credit Village Pharmacy at 905-278-7237.


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Provitalex® Pure Whey is a premium quality undenatured whey protein isolate that contains many proteins, peptides  and other key nutrients that promote enhanced immune function and energy, and supports the elimination of toxic  metals. Provitalex® Pure Whey uses a unique cross flow microfiltration process which carefully isolates undenatured  whey while leaving out fat, damaged proteins and lactose, allowing for safe use with lactose intolerant patients. The low heat pasteurization process is also of importance because any heat or change in pH can alter the proteins  and make them less effective in producing glutathione. The glycomacropeptide content is a key protein involved in immune modulation and also assists in gastrointestinal health. Provitalex® Pure Whey's nutritional properties combined with its high solubility, neutral flavour and unique functionality make it the protein of choice for a variety of applications. Available in a sachet format, Provitalex® Pure Whey is highly portable and convienient for even your most active patients.

Dosage: For best results mix one scoop (22 g) with purified water or milk/soy milk. Use as recommended by practitioner.


Protein Composition
Protein Value (% of Protein)
ß-lactoglobulin 48
a-lactalbumin 18
Glycomacropeptides 28
Immunoglobulins 3
Bovine Serum Albumin 2
Lactoferrin, Lactoperoxidase, Other 1
Protein, dry basis 92.0%
Fat < 1.0%
Minerals 3.0%
Lactose < 1.0%
Moisture 4.5%
pH (10% at 20 °C) 6.7

CALL TO ORDER ONLY-Cyto Matrix Provitalex Pure Whey
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