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Enzymedica Acid Soothe 30 Caps

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Acid Soothe is a soothing product for people who are suffering from gastrointestinal distress and discomfort.* Component Benefits: The ingredients in Acid Soothe provide the body with pure plant enzymes for delivery along with nutrients specific to the gastrointestinal region. Marshmallow Root has a high protein and mucilage-carbohydrate content which the body can use to manufacture the necessary materials for new tissue production. Marshmallow also has mucilaginous (adhesive) properties enabling it to surround and expel foreign and toxic matter, having a soothing effect on the inflamed mucosal membrane tissue.

Dosage: 2 capsules of Acid Soothe at the end of every meal to prevent digestive discomfort. 2 Acid Soothe may be taken any time digestive discomfort begins.


Amylase Thera-blend 5,000 DU 
Lipase Thera-blend Cellulase Thera-blend 242 FCCFIP 800 CU 
Marshmallow Root 190 mg 
Gotu Kola 96 mg 
Papya Leaf 190 mg 
Prickly Ash Bark 110 mg

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