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Pascoe China Similiaplex 50ML

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Pascoe China Similiaplex. Pascoe China Similiaplex is a homeopathic remedy is formulated to assist and help ailments during digestion. In addition, China is typically used to help treat diseases that cause delirium and fevers.

Suggested Usage: 10-15 drops 1-3 times daily.


China Dil. D4 - 40g
Ceanothus americanus Dil. D2 - 10g
Grindelia robusta Dil. D3 - 10g
Lachesis Dil. D8 - 10g
Crotalus Dil. D8 - 10g
Taraxacum Dil. D4 - 10g
Carduus marianus ˜ - 10g
Contains 60% vol. alcohol.

Pascoe China Similiaplex 50ML
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