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Preferred Nutrition Medi C Plus Berry With Calcium Powder 300g

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Humans do not make Vitamin C like animals do we need to supplement this essential vitamin to meet our daily needs. Vitamin C and Lysine work together to build collagen, which strengthens and holds together the coronary cells.

Inadequate amounts of Vitamin C mean poor collagen. Coronary cells then fall apart just as bricks do without good mortar. Coronary arteries, closest to the heart, receive the greatest pressure. Without enough Vitamin C the collagen weakens. This sets the stage for heart attack. The work of Dr. Sydney Bush shows that vitamin C + lysine can help reverse the process. 

Features and Benefits

  • Vitamin C and Lysine Formula are flavored with the juicy fruit “Lemon Lime”. It produces healthy collagen and dissolves cholesterol deposits.
  • Maintains heart health and prevents formation of free radicals and increases blood flow to coronary arteries.
  • Helps to develop and maintain bones, teeth, gums and in healing wounds.
  • Helps in reducing the recurrence of cold sores and in connective tissue formation.
  • Lysine adds strength to coronary arteries just like steel rods which increases the strength of concrete.
Preferred Nutrition Medi C Plus Berry With Calcium Powder 300g
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