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Santevia Ceramic Pre-Filter

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Santevia Ceramic Pre-Filter is stage 1 of the 8 stages of the Santevia Gravity Water Systems - Countertop and Dispenser Models. This filter sits within the Upper Tank.

In nature, water was once purified through a process of evaporation and condensation, resulting in rainfall - then gravity-filtered through the Earth's crust becoming enriched with alkalinizing minerals while being vitalized by the Earth's magnetic core. Eventually this organically complete water was distributed through clean running springs, rivers or wells. Exposure to the sun's light spectrum is also thought to elicit energizing potential.


  • Soak new pre-filter in cool water for 10 minutes.
  • Scrub top of pre-filter with a clean scrub sponge (no soap - use cool water).
  • Install pre-filter into upper tank with 1 washer on either side.
  • Place nut on pre-filter stem and tighten snuggly.


Highly compressed and fired diatomaceous earth

Santevia Ceramic Pre-Filter
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