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W Gifford Jones Vitamin K2+A+D3 Liquid 30ml

$13.99 $11.19

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Vitamin K2+A+D3

  • Maintains Eyesight

  • Maintains Skin

  • Maintains Immune Function

  • Maintains Bones

  • Maintains Teeth

  • Maintains Night Vision

Features and Benefits

Maintains eyesight, skin, immune function, bones, teeth, and night vision.


Vitamin D has also been shown to increase bone density and to reduce hip fracture by 43-60%.

Eyesight & Night Vision

Vitamins D and A benefit the eyes. People with the highest vitamin D levels are 36% less likely to have macular degeneration.

Vitamin A deficiency may cause, and supplementation may improve, night blindness. Double blind research shows that high-dose vitamin A can speed up recovery of light sensitivity and adaptation to dark.


Vitamins D and A are also good for your skin. Vitamin D can help adults with low levels of D and children treat eczema, and high-dose vitamin A has been shown to prevent acne.


Vitamin K supports activation of proteins involved in tooth mineralization. People with the highest levels of D have 30% less risk of gingivitis. Vitamin D also helps periodontal disease because men with the highest levels of D have 39% less bone loss and women have 26% less: supplementation with vitamin D reduces bone loss.


In people who are deficient in vitamin A, supplementing vitamin A can enhance immunity. Impressively, vitamin D reduces the risk of flu in kids by 42% during the winter.

W Gifford Jones Vitamin K2+A+D3 Liquid 30ml
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