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 Natural Factors Supplements

Natural Factors has been at the forefront of creating natural supplements to improve our quality of life for over 50 years. Thanks to their high standards, devotion to quality, and strong desire to improve the lives of their customers, we have been able to enjoy products that harness natural ingredients to better improve our health. 

The Founding of Natural Factors

With headquarters just south of British Columbia in Canada, Natural Factors has focused on best practices for the creation of their supplements. The company prides itself on manufacturing, growing, and testing as much as possible in house to ensure freshness and quality. They are one of few in the industry who handle all aspects of production—from seed to supplements. Their plant has exceeded all standards of quality in Canada, the US, and Australia.

  • They have nine locations across North America for their facilities, boasting over 700,000 square feet. 
  • They own their offices, manufacturing, production, farms, labs, distribution centers, and warehouses. This allows for complete control over supplement production. They call it being “big enough to do it right.”
  • Because they have several facilities, they are able to produce tablets, soft gels, liquid, and powders. 

Their farms, like Okanagan Farm, are based in ideal locations. This land, south of Otter Lake, had previously flooded multiple times, which caused deposits of organic minerals to be laced into the soil. This organic, high-quality soil makes the herbs that grow there the best in quality. 

Natural Factors focuses on creating the best natural products for the customers and ensure that their employees, partners, and labs are all in agreement. When they don’t have a product or material they need, Natural Factors only works with other retailers that also believe in their incredibly high standards and quality control.  

Organic, Non-GMO, All Natural

From the start, the plants have been cared for by hand. They still are! From weeding and planting to harvesting, the workers at the farms collect the plants by hand. Their seeds are non-hybrids, and Natural Factors ensures the best and purest of ingredients for their products. The seeds are organic themselves and used in pure form for all products. 

  • Their soil is ideal for growing with deposits of lime and other essential minerals in the six feet of topsoil where plants grow. 
  • The plants grown are also non-GMO, meaning they are the natural forms without genetic modifications. 

The plants are weeded, cared for, and monitored by real people. The herbs are only picked by hand at their peak performance and are allowed to grow until mature and ready. When machines pick, they are unable to assess the readiness of the plant. Because of their intense quality standards, Natural Factors insists that each flower is inspected before being selected for use in supplements.

From Farm to Factory

Their onsite labs are the next stop for the herbs picked. The ingredients needed for the supplements and tested, not once, or twice, but three times. The labs check for purity and potency and ensure only the best make it to their supplements. Their commitment is clear:

  • They go as far as running herbs through a mass spectrometer to assess individual ions and their purity. 
  • Natural Factors has partnered with ISURA, who has awarded them its Seal of Approval. 
    • ISURA is a third party that evaluates products and attests to the standards. 

Their labs also include an in-house regulatory assurance department. Their role is not only to assess the quality of the products and to meet the strict guidelines, but to ensure that claims, information, and labels are all accurately represented. 

  • Natural Factors collaborates with universities in North America, Australia, and Europe to study the effects of their products. They use this research to facilitate continuous growth and improvement of their products. 
  • Conducting studies, testing, and researching products help them stay on top of breaking new techniques and combinations.  

Good for You and for the Earth

In addition to Natural Factors' promise to customers, they are also devoted to giving back to the planet. They have shown a commitment to environmental concerns, charity projects, and reducing their carbon footprint. 

  • Founder Roland Gahler has long stood for being good to the planet and has made this a hallmark for Natural Factors, as well. 
  • Their latest facility in Washington, US, is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certified. They met exceptionally high standards to obtain this certification and are also working on their in-house recycling and improving energy efficiency in their facilities. The goal is ZERO waste!
  • Products are organically grown locally, without harmful pesticides. Their carbon footprint is lowered as a result of not transporting and shipping the products during this process. 
  • They also store a collection of pure seeds for later generations. 
    • They believe in protecting endangered plant species and furthering botanical research.
    • This collection also guarantees an array of pure strains of seeds, rather than only hybrids.  

Charitable Causes

Natural Factors is also a proud supporter of charity organizations that share their goals. While they are strong backers of these organizations, they are quiet in their support. Rather than take credit for all of their hard work, they allow products to stand for themselves and donate a portion of the proceeds to better the Earth in the process.

  • A proud supporter of Plant a Seed & See What Grows Foundation. This is a charitable organization that focuses on tasks such as cultivating a green next-generation, assisting and aiding sick and hungry people, and preserving pure seed strains.
    • Natural Factors also donates $2 from the purchase of EACH bottle of Whole Earth & Sea product to the cause. 
  • An avid supporter of Vitamin Angels, which is a charity organization that provides vitamins to children, pregnant women, and new moms to make kids happy and healthy early in life. 

Types of Supplements

Natural Factors has been devoted to studying the effects of taking their supplements and how they affect health concerns. With years of research and a proven track record, they have formulas that ensure optimal results for improving health. Each unique combination in the supplements allows for a targeted approach. 


The multivitamins for Natural Factors are formulated to support you in all aspects of your busy life. Through their unique combinations, you can feel supported and covered. 

  • Hi Potency Multi are designed to help you meet all your daily needs for vitamins and minerals. Its formula supports a healthy immune system, gives added vitamins to help decrease stress, and boosts metabolism. 
  • Multi Factors: Women’s 50+ helps treat concerns for women as they age. This supplement contains everything to support your bones, menopause, and daily needs in one simple tablet. 
  • Multi Factors: Men’s 50+ was created with middle-aged men in mind. This supplement has everything you need to support your heart and immune system, and to meet your daily nutritional needs. 


Many vitamins boast that they improve the function and health of your brain. Natural Factors is host to a wide variety of products proven to make your brain work at maximum capacity. 

  • Curcumin Rich: Memory Optimizer is a vitamin that not only optimizes the performance of your brain but also improves memory. This unique vitamin allows for optimal blood flow to your brain, boosts your memory and function, allows for proper neurotransmitters, and supports your immune system. 
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an amino acid that helps turn fat into energy. This makes your brain perform at peak, improves your memory, and helps your muscles work properly. 
  • 3 Brains is a product line developed with your mind as a priority. Because it supports your brain, heart, and gut, all three can work in harmony so you can be at your best. 


Digestive health is key to improving your overall health. If you focus on improving absorption, promoting positive bacteria, supporting your immune system, and decreasing negative symptoms, your digestive and overall health can improve. 

  • Ultimate Probiotics: 120 caps contains 12 active strains of bacteria to support your digestive health, immune system, and nutrient absorption. Whether you struggle from chronic illness, have recently used antibiotics, or simply wish to give yourself some extra support, these capsules aid your intestines with their numerous functions.  You can also get them in counts of 60 capsules
  • DGL can be a great aid if you suffer from frequent heartburn and indigestion, as it contains soothing licorice. By encouraging the stomach lining bacteria growth, discouraging negative bacteria that can cause ulcers, and healing peptic ulcers that cause frequent upset, this vitamin can improve your digestive health on multiple fronts. 

Heart Health

Promoting cardiac health is as critical as you age. Giving your heart the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients it needs will grant you a healthier life. With extensive research and testing, these products have a track record for helping your heart: 

  • Curcumin Rich: Cardio Optimizer is a unique combination of turmeric and fish oil, made specifically to promote cardiac function. Helping blood vessels and the heart, while simultaneously supporting immune health, is ideal for anyone worried about their heart health. 
  • Ubiquinol: 100 mg is meant to supplement your body as the natural levels of CoQ10 decreases with age. Having adequate levels of CoQ10 ensures healthy organ function, reduces the risks of heart disease, improves mental health, and supports your immune system. You can also get this supplement in 200 mg

Joint Health 

As you age, joints can suffer due to a lack of lubrication, which can even damage the bones as they grind if left untreated. Taking a supplement early on can prevent damage later in life and also provide relief for developing symptoms. 

  • Curcumin Rich: Joint Optimizer uses the best herbs to prevent, treat, and reverse joint disease. Curcumin, devil’s claw, and white willow bark are used in unison to provide the best results for your joints. 
  • OsteoMove was made specifically to boost joints. It supports the function, mobility, and health of your joints with a unique combination of natural herbs. 
  • NEM Knee and Joint use Glucosamine to promote optimal health. With the natural ingredients in this supplement, your joints will thank you as you feel more comfortable moving each day. 

Stress and Sleep

Throughout our daily lives, we get overwhelmed by stress. This can impact every aspect of your life—even your sleep. These vitamins use natural ingredients to relieve tension and improve sleep. Natural Factors has lines devoted to aiding sleep and stress, as well as vitamins designed to improve mental health: 

  • Tranquil Sleep uses melatonin, L-Theanine, and 5-HTP to make a non-habit forming tablet that allows you to fall asleep quickly, stay asleep through the night, and wake up feeling rested. Helping you feel relaxed and calm before you call it a night ensures a better quality of sleep. 
  • 100% GABA helps you to feel calm by using the natural neurotransmitter GABA. This lets you feel calm and clear without sedation. This, in turn, can make you feel less stressed, improve your focus, and reduce anxiety. 
  • Mental Calmness takes an extract of green tea known as Suntheanine to promote calm and relieve anxiety. This supplement can help control your moods, decrease symptoms of PMS or menopause, lower your blood pressure, and support your immune system. 
  • Melatonin Peppermint is a unique combination that promotes relaxation with melatonin, a natural neurotransmitter. You’ll be able to fall asleep and wake feeling rested each morning. 

Immune Support

Our chaotic lives wreak havoc on our immune systems. These stressful situations can decrease our natural capability to fight off infections. These supplements enable your body to fight off all that comes their way and keep you going strong:

  • Curcumin Rich: Theracurmin is the best-selling and easiest to absorb supplement available. Derived from turmeric, which has many health benefits, this formula is designed to optimize absorption and, as a result, has the best effects. This supplement can increase the production of free-radicals that fight disease and promote overall better health. 
  • Curcumin Rich: Double Strength Theracurmin contains double the dose for times you feel your body needs extra support. With the best formula for absorption, Theracurmin stays in your body longer and defeats illnesses. 
  • Oil of Oregano is able to fight parasitic, bacterial, yeast, and fungal infections that occur in the body. Because it supports your immune system and provides relief for respiratory ailments, this supplement can help you feel better faster and even prevent illnesses. 
  • Astaxanthine Plus is known as the king of eliminating carotenoids. Through careful studies and research, it has been shown to be effective in supporting your heart, immune system, preventing skin damage, and defeating members of the cartenonoid family.

Natural Factors has spent over 50 years researching, growing, supporting, and building their brand by hand. Their vitamins and supplements are hand-reared, tested multiple times, studied intensely, and produced on-site as much as possible. The company is committed to giving back and decreasing their carbon footprint, all while providing the best products on the market. 

Tell us about your experience with Natural Factors! Do you have a product you can’t live without? Have you found improvement from one of their lines? Comment with your success story below!


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