Finding the Best Health Store Near Me

Many people search for “the best health store near me.” Finding the best health store near you isn’t as difficult as you think. Anyone with a smartphone, laptop, or even a local branch can visit Village Vitamin Store. With the best selection, a history of helping customers, and the resources to make help you make the best decision for you and your family, Village Vitamin Store is an easy choice.

Starting Out

Village Vitamin Store was established in Port Credit, Ontario in 1950 with a goal to provide a cure, care, and convenience to their community. This first store eventually grew and evolved to stores across the country as Village Vitamin Store and Village Pharmacy. Now, Village Vitamin is known for:

  • Its expertise in hormone replacement for men and women
  • Being a frontrunner in alternative medicines
  • Being home to specialists in nutrition and homeopathic medicine, pharmacists, doctors, and more

Despite enormous growth, the company has stayed true to its original mission of providing excellent products and services to the community. Its stores offer the knowledge needed to be informed on health decisions and have everything you need for your health journey. Click here to search for a store near you! 

Best Health Store Near Me

The Unique Experience

From the storefront to an online store, the focus is on helping the customer. Rather than worrying about lining their pockets, Village Vitamin Store and its team are focused on improving customer experiences

Their Stores

Village Vitamin Store sets up shops differently than many other health and drug stores. Each aspect of its health shops is designed to help customers make informed decisions with the best products and advice possible. You’ll likely find a health store near you in any part of the country or can easily access it on your phone or computer through their website in the comfort of your own home. 

Wide Variety of Products

While Village Vitamin Store boasts a large selection, each of its products is held to incredibly high standards. All products are rigorously tested through independent sources, and many are used by the Village Vitamin team themselves.

  • The products that do make it to shelves have been tried and tested by Village Vitamin’s own people and their families, and have been found to have a successful track record. 
  • The team can not only offer you professional advice based on their training but what has worked in their own lives and homes. 
  • Village Vitamin’s team believes in its products enough to use them themselves. 

Despite Village Vitamin’s large selection, all products are 100% authentic and junk-free. Village Vitamin assures that all its products have helped members of its team and/or customers in the past. The company uses customer testimonials and research to decide what goes on the shelves. Click here to shop for a wide variety of brands.

Best Health Store Near Me - store

We would like for customers to know that we use and believe in the products we sell and the information we give. Customers will often hear us talking about what we have tried personally, what worked for our families, and what the feedback has been about individual products; we love customer feedback because it helps us better understand our customer's journey. Sounds cliché but it is true, we would like customers to know and feel that we really do care about them.”

-A Customer Representative when asked what makes Village Vitamin Products the best

Holistic Nutritionist

Unlike many other stores, Village Vitamin keeps a unique staff on hand. They have a nutritionist on-site to help guide you in choosing supplements and to teach you better habits for daily life. While you can make an appointment, you can also just show up and speak with a trained professional for free. These consultations are designed to benefit customers and help without making them pay for advice. The Village Vitamin team wants what is best for you and can give you the support and resources needed. 

Homeopathic Consultations

You can speak with a trained professional to discuss your health needs and the best natural approaches to tackle problems. 

  • Village Vitamin pharmacists are trained in traditional medicines that doctors prescribe and can advise you on herbal and homeopathic alternatives, as well. 
  • You work with the staff to develop an individual protocol of medications, supplements, herbs, and diet to find what works best for you personally!

Their advice is free. The team loves to help set you up for success by pairing vitamins, medications, and herbs in a way that gives you the most benefits. 


In addition to homeopathic, herbal, and nutritional consults, Village Vitamin Store has pharmacists available to advise you about your normal medications. They can tell you about side effects, how the medications you take benefit you, and the way to make them the most effective. They also carefully research interactions between medications and ensure that you are not at risk for complications. The pharmacists’ advice is free of charge. The team encourages customers to take advantage of this to get a better grasp of health conditions and make informed decisions.

On-Site Testing

In addition to providing consultations with trained professionals, tests can be done at Village Vitamin locations to inform the staff’s health advice. Currently, these tests are offered:

  • Fatty Acid Profile Test:
    • This test assesses the “good” and “bad” cholesterol in your body, so let you see how medications, supplements, diet, and exercise impact your numbers.
    • Tracking these figures helps determine the risk of heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes. Additionally, this test makes it easy to see if you are in normal limits. 
  • Vitamin D Blood Level Test:
    • Checking for vitamin D can reveal whether age, decreased sun exposure, or medications have weakened your body’s immune system.
    • Vitamin D is commonly found in supplements and multivitamins, but many people run low because their supply is depleted each day and needs to be continuously replenished. 
  • Saliva Hormone Testing:
    • Hormones are known to fluctuate due to age, medications, changes before/after pregnancy, menstruation/menopause, depression, BPH, and other health conditions.
    • Hormone levels in the right range can contribute to energy levels, weight, and risks for diseases. 
  • Hair Analysis:
    • This test analyzes the presence and levels of minerals and metals. Results can indicate whether you should seek treatment, start a regimen, or change your diet. 
    • This analysis can reveal whether you suffer from deficiencies that can cause many kinds of symptoms or if you experience heavy metal toxicity. 
  • Food Sensitivity Test:
    • This not only tests for foods that cause digestive symptoms like diarrhea and constipation but can also reveal foods that cause negative reactions within your body. 
    • Testing can show if symptoms such as IBS or migraines are caused by an allergy or specific component in food. This test can also illuminate how your body reacts to specific foods. 
  • Bone Density Testing: 
    • Testing for bone degeneration symptoms, that can lead to osteoporosis, can be done early. 
    • X-rays are taken to measure minerals in your bones and help you identify issues and treat them early. 
  • Allergy Testing:
    • Digestive upsets are one way your body tells you something is causing an allergic reaction. When allergens are ingested, symptoms can vary drastically, from hives to belly pain and heartburn.
    • The only way to identify if symptoms are caused by an allergy or intolerance is to test for it. 
  • Live Blood Cell Analysis: 
    • These tests check your body’s pH level, iron level, and more. With certified nurse practitioners (CNPs) on staff, the Village Vitamin team reviews symptoms and educates you on what your body needs. 
    • You receive a copy of these results and view your body’s cells on a screen while the professional discuss your results.

Best Health Store Near Me

Best Pricing

Village Vitamin aims to have the best prices you can find. They price-match products if you can find the same item cheaper and are dedicated to keeping prices fair. They offer discounts constantly and send a newsletter with email updates when the products you use are on sale. 


Even if you can’t make it into one of their amazing stores, Village Vitamin has set up its website to be just as helpful. The team reaches out to as many individuals as possible to help with their products and expertise. The website is designed to be user-friendly and offers access to countless sources of information to help you become an informed buyer. 

Customer Service

If you can’t find what you need in-store or online, Village Vitamin Store has a team of representatives available to help 24/7. Village Vitamin has made every effort to ensure customers are happy and healthy. They welcome feedback and questions and are ready to give advice and information about where to purchase.

I would love for you to know that we care about our customers and that is why we do what we do. We welcome questions and provide the best customer service, we keep prices fair, and we stand behind our products and our recommendations. “

-A Customer Representative

Village Vitamin has dedicated staff that works around the clock to get you the best help and resources. Village Vitamin Store offers a wide array of tested and true products to provide individuals with the best results. If you are looking for a health store near you, get on your phone or visit Village Vitamin Store to see what makes it different than other commercial stores.

Representatives truly care for customers, and the brand does so well because customers love the products and advice they receive. Village Vitamin Store’s success comes from the many different customers who trust Village Vitamin to provide them with everything they need for a healthier life. 


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